How much this game will cost?

The price will be slowly increased during development according to quality and amount of features and content.
Initial price of first Early Access release was 8$.

At current state, the game cost 11$. When we increased the price, we asked a community about this and it was approved. You can read more details in our blog here and here.

When all planned features will be implemented and all bugs will be fixed, after stable release, we plan to increase price up to 20 or 25$.
Therefore, during entire early access you can buy the game with discount!

Some developers set the price for early access higher than after release, making money on the thirsty players.
We are not going to do that!

Actually, people who participate in early access make a great assistance for developers. They are making bug reports and send their ideas that helps to make the game much better. And most importantly, their feedback is really important because they give us enthusiasm, which allows us to continue to develop the project!

When is a release date?

It is hard to predict release date for the game with such unusual concept and complex features. Especially if it is our first project.

Earlier we announced a release date, but development took more time than we expected, so we decided to not announce any further release date if we are not sure about it.

Actually release date is irrelevant and does not mean that game will become "completed" instantly. We release updated almost every week and the become better and better with each update. Besides that, we are constantly adding new features in our to-do list. So the game may be interesting and playable even while it stated as "Early Access".

On what platforms is game will be available?

The game available on Windows, Linux and Mac. Support of other platforms is not planed.

Where can I know about the development progress and future plans?

We have a development blog where you can know a lot of interesting things about the various aspects of development!

The game will have a multiplayer?

Multiplayer already done! It is a bit unstable for now, but we are constantly improve it.

Where can I offer my ideas or make a bug report?

We are really welcome your desire to express your ideas about the game!

- The best way to do this it's a start new discussions
on our Community Hub.
- Also we have Discord chat where you can talk with us or other community members.
- Or you can send email for us in

We have disabled the ability to comment in the blog, because we don't want to force you to register on our site and allow you to use your Steam account. But unfortunately we are not very good at web development and we could not implement the possibility of login through Steam on our website. So we decided to duplicate all blog posts and make all discussion on the our Community Hub.

Do you plan to translate the game into other languages?

Thanks to our amazing community, we already have localization on many languages. You can see full list on the page of Steam Store. Also, if you wish participate to localization, you may check our guide about it.

What engine is game made in?

We use the amazing Unity3d engine. We do not use any content from Unity Asset Store and all code is written in C#. Also all models created with Blender.