That is update! Hooray!


Okay, no, we did not decided to making rare updates each 1-2 month. On the contrary, we very want to making updates as often as possible. But at this time it took much longer than usual.

We were distracted from the development and community because we began a second attempt to bring our company at the new level. Previous attempt, which we described here was unsuccessful, so this time we approached the issue of choice of legal partners much more carefully. We had to learn a lot of new legal information and write a lot of texts in the search for suitable consultants. It is quite difficult and we really want as quickly as possible to deal with organizational matters and direct all our efforts and time into development without distraction on others things. Unfortunately this is also the part of work which should be done.

The process is not yet complete, but now it’s easier, besides, you are waiting too long!
Thanks for your patience!

And yes, we have a lot of unread messages, but that doesn’t mean that now we don’t read it. Gradually we will read all messages and answer on your questions. All your suggestions and ideas are added to the to-do list.


And so! We did not sit idle. This update is aimed at AI and many small but very important changes. Some our previous decisions was not very successful, control has become more complicated and confusing. In this update we have tried to bring back the aspects which you like in the game the most.

Overall, many features still unfinished. When the update takes so long time it is difficult to understand what to do and when it will be ready. But we can’t wait longer (probably you too) so we will publish update now, and improve it later.

AI – it is too complex system, so it will be improved from one update to another. At the current version, AI ships does not generated in the world by default, but you can create and play with them via sandbox mode. Seems like AI have a great potential for RTS mode, which we plan to develop in next versions.

Also. Please note that Save\Load and Multiplayer does not works with new AI. We will fix it in next versions. Previously saved games also can’t be loaded. It is very hard to keep saved games to work from one update to another when the changes so significant.

Please check the change log below.

By the way! We performed significant performance optimization! FPS should be increased in 50-100% (yes, twice). And we found a lot of new places where performance can be optimized even more. We will continue optimization later.

Here is some animations which describes, how to work with new sandbox tools.

How to create ally followers

How to create hostile ships

And some results



  • Added an AI! Ships controlled by AI can fly to target and attack it. However, at the moment, AI don’t spawned anywhere in the world, but you can create it via sandbox tool. In next versions AI will be added in the world, by default.
  • Trade stations obtained an AI, now they keep their orbits and direction to the star in order to use its solar panels at maximum efficiency. Also they have defense turrets and can shoot in enemy NPCs. But they are can’t shoot in players, for now.
  • Sandbox window is redesigned, added a few new options to play with AI
  • “Build” and “Deconstruct” buttons which was available in previous version, was returned back to main interface. Previous method of opening a build menu (via engineering bay interface) was too unobvious. Hotkeys B and X also works again.
  • When sandbox mode enabled, you can open build menu even if the current ship doesn’t have an engineering bay. Also in sandbox mode, modules can be built and removed instantly. Those changes returns the feeling of fast and easy shipbuilding in sandbox mode, which was lost due some wrong decisions which created unnecessary complexity for players.
  • Removed delay from mining laser, so now it capable to emit continuous beam without interruptions.
  • Added reaction wheel, a propulsion device which capable to rotate the ship by using only an electricity. Note that we made it very weak and slow, because when we tested it, turned out that it looks absolutely uninteresting. It doesn’t emit any visual or sound effects, so it looks like the ship rotates “magically”. But there is many space games where the ships “rotates magically” and we think that real, visible engines in Celestial Command – it is a nice feature. So engines – still the main solution to rotate your ship quickly, but now you also can use reaction wheel if you have less fuel and more time.
  • Added food monitoring panel. It shows how much food do you have on current ship and when the stock will be depleted. Also the crew consumes a food in 2 times less and cost of food decreased (46 -> 20). So now the crew and his demands in food should not annoy.
  • Turrets, shields, engineering bays and others modules (except command module) no longer require crew member inside. The current crew systems seems complex and absolutely no fun, in next posts we will tell our thought about improvement of crew.
  • Damage on collisions decreased 10 times. It was too devastating, besides, AI has not yet learned to avoid obstacles.
  • On hover info for asteroids is slightly redesigned.
  • Object info panel is slightly redesigned, now it more clear and with better usability.


  • Significant performance optimization
  • Description for button “Buy food”
  • Maximum time scale decreased from x8 to x4, because x8 decreased FPS too much so there is no actually increasing of time scale
  • The ships do not fly off with great velocity while firing at them with cannons
  • Turrets stop rotating when separated from the ship
  • Turrets keeps default position when manual control is disabled
  • Turrets do not allow you to fire when pointed at friendly target. AI also will not fire in its ships if they blocked a target
  • Projectiles triggers HP label only if damaged module is yours or if projectile is yours
  • Changing of hotkey of chat now is working
  • “Disable orbital mechanics” option in sandbox panel now stops planets and also stops rotation of all objects.

Previous GUI