Another little update. We think it is enough. And now we start working on AI. 


  • You no longer see HP bar for objects which takes damage if it is not belongs to you. Except if it is you are damaged it using weapons 
  • RCS engine thrust changed 800 -> 300. 
  • Liquid fuel engine thrust changed 400 -> 1600 
  • Ion engine thrust changed 40 -> 200 
  • Starting power changed 10k -> 40k 
  • Starting alluminium changed 40 -> 120 (Now the starting ship have enough resources to build small mining vessel)


  • Correct deconstruction of modules after game was loaded instead of instant deconstruction 
  • Trajectory of warp jump displayed again 
  • Fixed status of the trajectory for cases when your ship orbiting around star 
  • Fixed broken camera during pause