Another set of fixes. 

Unfortunately previously save games can’t be loaded. Until it is pre-alpha, it is not rare. We hope you’re not too upset about it. 


  • Fixed “Unknown” owner of any ship, even if this is your own ship. 
  • Small Command Module works again. 
  • Fixed a possibility to build new ships (additional Command Modules can be controlled). 
  • Docking hub AI of NPC stations now saves\loads its state and works correct between game sessions. 
  • Docking port saves\loads its “Auto Docking” parameter. 
  • When you clicking on the name of NPC station, it will be just selected, instead of attempt to control it. 
  • Xenon can’t be bought into container for solid resources. Also it can be bought if container already contains a xenon. 
  • Resource connectors of fuel generator not painted in appropriate colors and “Auto Connect” function no longer ignores the fuel generator. 
  • Lines of resource connectors correctly disappears on disconnection, instead of “flying away”.