Hello! We are managed to add an ability to increase time scale! 

Suddenly turned out that it is pretty easy, but it is implemented by using the most simple way – just increase time scale of the engine. As result, high values may cause large performance impact. 

For example Intel Core i5 is capable to handle acceleration up to x8. Not too much, but with that feature, 10 minute maneuver is no longer a boring waiting. 

Also it may cause some little incorrect behaviour of physics, but it should not be a problem. 

In multiplayer only a server can increase time scale, but any client can reset it to default value. 

New orbital parameters window 



  • Orbital parameters window (in the right-bottom corner) is completely redesigned 
  • Added two new lines in orbital parameters window: Position and Trajectory status. Trajectory status will warn you if you are falling on the planet or flying away from it. 
  • Added new module – Structure beam 
  • Added ability to increase time scale 
  • Changed font for on hover tooltips, now it more readable


  • When you build a module, all of its mounting points is connected, not only one (sorry this took so long) 
  • Damage from collisions is improved, so now ships should less bounce off obstacles like a rubber, but the system still need some improvements 
  • Fixed a bug when you deconstruct some module which holds together two parts of the ship, but after deconstruction the parts are still magically bounded together