The normal way to obtain a crew, food and xenon is finally here! Now you can buy it from the NPC stations. 

This trade system is simple and temporary. We figured out that the game requires complex changes in storage and cargo system, and it will cause changing of trade system, so we need to change the inventory first. 

Also we need to complete an AI in order launch NPC traders which will work in real economic system. 

The trade systems doesn’t works in multiplayer, but we will quickly fix it. we just decided not to make you wait if you play in singleplayer. 

Soon we will give you detailed information about upcoming changes in cargo system. 

Change log


  • Added NPC stations, docking sequence, money and simple trade. 
  • Code of database of players is rewritten. Now it flexible and allows to store amount of money for each player even if player is offline. 
  • Hotkeys system for actions of modules rewritten and much improved. Now it have descriptions, correct names and allows to assign complex key combinations (such as Ctrl+Shift+B) 
  • Changed the way to open the build menu. Now you should select an engineering bay and press appropriate button. Also you can assign desired hotkey. 
  • Now starting ships appears with connected engines by default and one engineer already located in engineering bay. 
  • Labels of ships is redesigned. 
  • Help window is rewritten. 
  • Displaying of mounting points for modules is little bit optimized and improved. 
  • Little bit optimization in storages and connectrors.

Bug fixes 

  • You are no longer can control a modules which are does not belongs to you. Including cargo management, connectors, renaming and others. 
  • Fixed the issue when you can lost content of resource container, it have volume but displayed as “Empty”. It was caused when you tried to transfer resource from container to the same container in case if it was filled at 50% or less.