Hello dear followers! 

We have a feeling that there is no news from us, time to fix it! And as the title says, multiplayer will be available in the next update! 

Actually, we are already working on it for a few days. Pretty complicated task, but we achieve a good progress. Still not sure how much time we need to finish it, may be a week or two, but not sure. We still learn a many things about multiplayer since we don’t have much experience in this. 

What to expect in next updates

Unfortunately for now we don’t have an update for you. Since multiplayer in development, many core systems now in disassembled state, so we unable to make an minor update when the games does not work. 

But probably we will implement some new things together with multiplayer. For example solar panels was improved. Their effectiveness is based on distance from the star and it will gain new model with correct collider of panels. Also we started to develop new interaction system which will allow you to set a hotkey for various actions, for example, deploy solar panels or disable some group of engines. 

One month in Steam

And one more thing. We are one month in the Steam! Hm… Okay, 37 days. : ) 7 days ago we was too busy in the development, but anyway. : ) Seems like all going great! We made 9 updates during this time and seems like the game have a very good progress. It had greatly changed since our first trailer, now we have save\load and soon we will have a multiplayer. We were very afraid that people will say that we released the game too early, but all your reviews makes us really happy! Thanks you! 

Christmas update?

Yes, we want to give you something special as a christmas gift, but since the game in pretty early stage of development, we not sure that we ready to add some christmas stuff. Multiplayer probably will be a better gift, but it still requires some works and we not sure that 5 days is enough to finish it. Anyway, we will keep you in touch!