We got many feedbacks after version 0.57, so there is quick update mainly based on your recent suggestions. 
Rotation during building changed again, now it should be more convenience. 
One additional frame for more interesting ship designs and several bug fixes. 

Change log

Major improvements and gameplay changes 

  • Added new module: Frame 2:1 adapter

Minor improvements 

  • Added buttons to switch on next \ previous ship
  • 45 degrees step during module rotation is returned back, but with the Left Shift the step will be 90 degrees. Control keys changed to A \ D.

Bug fixes 

  • Green preview modules no longer highlights as selected object, actually, ability to select something is disabled during build mode
  • Sometimes user can accidentally disconnect modules joints during building process, now it impossible
  • Not sure, but rare issue when you cannot build anything should be solved
  • Collider of new corner frames is fixed, now it does not flickers when you try to build it to each other
  • Solved an issue when you got two preview modules under cursor, weapon and other module
  • Module preview does not fly away when you hover cursor over interface element
  • Parabola \ Hyperbola trajectory stops simulation when hit into planet or star surface