Seems like save load from previous 0.56 version does not works on any system except Windows 64 bit, sorry for that. It was very strange bug, we still not sure why exactly it happens, but now it should works. 

We prepare to implement a multiplayer, (cant wait for it!). And it will takes some time, maybe a week.  So we want to solve some bugs and makes some minor improvements. 

So, we added couple of new parts with diagonal joints, which allows to build more interesting ship designs. 

And also we added the Warp Drive! No interstellar traveling through, but this is a fast way to travel inside star system. 

We plan to make it not very expensive and make it as a main way for navigation around the system, instead of orbital maneuvering. But orbital mechanics still there and pilots should remember about it when they want to setup a satellite or just park their ship. 

It slightly similar with some open-world RPG’s, you can use “fast travel” between the cities, or you can walk between them, for slower, but more atmospheric experience. But in case of Celestial Command “fast travel” will require special, massive device and decent amount of energy. And actually this “fast travel” does not breaks the game rules. 

Also, Mass of the star decreased almost 35 times, that means that planets moving much slower and does not take very important participation in navigation on the system. But you still can feel their moving, The orbital period of planets now somewhere between 20 and 90 minutes, so after some play time you can note that planets changed their positions. We think it should be pretty interesting game element when we implement a trade between planets. 

Change log

Major improvements and gameplay changes 

  • Added the Warp Drive
  • Added 2 new not-rectangular modules with diagonal joints. Corner Frame and Long Corner Frame (mirroring still not added, but it will be available soon)
  • Now module preview rotates smoothly, instead of fixed 90 degree step, hotkeys of rotation is changed to Q \ E
  • Mass of the star decreased almost in 35 times, now planet movement is much slower

Minor improvements 

  • Radar and mining drill now requires a power in order to works
  • Options window is slightly redesigned

Bug fixes 

  • Save load now should works more correctly
  • Bug with displaying Windows font on Linux systems now should be fixed
  • Fixed an issue with zoom on the Mac
  • Solved a problem with collider of large turret platform, now you can place a modules from left and right from it