Hello dear followers! 
This update took 6 days but now the save \ load is finally implemented! 

We are accustomed to perceive save\load feature as something usual, but this feature is pretty hard to implement. And now it finally here. 

We should note that the system is not perfect, for now it does not save projectiles and some parameters such as camera zoom, selected module or currently active ship. We’ll improve it later. 

Also we hopes that our system is good enough to avoid reset of the saved games in the future. But since the game is still in the active development and can be changed dramatically, it is possible. Anyway, we will inform you in advance if it will happen. 

Also Steam API is temporary disabled, so when you pressing “Visit development blog” in the main menu, it will opens new page in your browser, instead of Steam overlay. We will return Steam API in the next month. 

Change log

Major improvements 

  • Save Load

Minor improvements 

  • Now you can enable FPS counter in the options
  • Markers of the ships is redesigned