Hello again dear followers! 
Sorry for no news from us for such a long time, but we have been very focused on some important tasks and now we can share the progress with you. 

(Warning, 20 Mb of GIF animations inside) 


Release Date

First of all about release date. We thought to open early access before 17 October. We done almost all required papers for a one week, but for the last one, turned out that we need to wait up to 30 days!

Yes, it’s sad, but we need to wait… Hopefully we won’t have to wait so long and we will get an answer sooner. 

But don’t worry! We have another good news for you! 

To be honest, the game is not ready yet for launch (in our idealistic view), so we use the additional time to make the game even better! 

New Ship’s Editor

We made a major change in the ship’s editor. Do you remember those screenshots of space station? It looked pretty lifeless, like a chaotic heap of cargo containers without any connections between them. 

When we faced with this problem (and with Artaani’s perfectionism) we decided throw out the “tiles based” editor and instead of that, we made it “joints based”, The GIF animation below should explain how it works. Besides, we decided to add the “corridors” which should connect all ship’s parts together to allow you transfer resources from one part to another. 



And now it looks much better! This ship now feels alive! Besides, the new “joints based” system brings some additional benefits! 
The maximum size of the ship is no longer limited. And now we’re able to add parts of any form. For example, in discussion you’re suggested to make armor blocks, so now we can do it. It will looks like a thin armor plate which can be attached to another module. 

Besides, we finally have implemented system of ship’s destruction. Just look at that. 



User Interface Improvement

While Artaani working on new editor, I’m with Romenics started working on some changes in UI. 

We noticed that current UI is slightly inconvenient. For example when you select solar panel, the “deploy” button appears on the top-left corner of the screen, it is too far from solar panel which are in the center of the screen so you need move your view between those two points. 

This is why we decided that control panel should appears near selected object. Or maybe we just should make it dragable. Not sure, still trying various decisions. 


Besides, we slightly changed the design, we trying to make more bright design like in some Sci-Fi movies. But make it convenient and functional, without bunch of useless and distracting graphic elements. 


Yes! We continue working on it! Actually, we’re have started working on multiplayer some time ago, but we faced with one technical problem. We even thought that multiplayer in the Celestial Command it is too difficult task. But today we was focused on this problem and we solve it! 

So now we can safely say – Celestial Command will have multiplayer. It’s only a matter of time. Actually, now we’re focused on multiplayer, because any game with multiplayer is much, much better then without it. 

But anyway, multiplayer is pretty complicated task. You’re probably noticed that very small amount of indie games have a multiplayer. But we’ll make it! Just want to remind you that when the game will be released it will be in “Early Access” and many features will be unavailable. But we will implement new features as soon as possible. 

We are really want to make a good impression and don’t get a bad reputation of “unfinished, early access, money grabber game”. 

Stay in touch for further interesting news! )