More lasers and cannons! We have implemented pretty flexible weapon system so now we can easy adding many new weapons with various parameters and effects. Now it’s not a priority. But we add a couple. 
Some cool machine gun here with slightly improved visual effects. 

Each part of the ship have the individual HP. You can see some cool HP bar appearing above the module when it receive a damage. 


In discussions you are asked about asteroids, whether they can be moved. 
Yes, they are not on the rails, so you can grab them and pull to anywhere. Actually, any thing in the game is physical, when you click on it, you can see their trajectory and other useful information. 


Also information panel in the right-bottom corner was slightly improved, now it displays angular velocity. It may seemed unimportant. But this value will help to precise maneuvering. 

Also, in the discussions you are talked about black holes,. Pretty nice idea. So we have implemented this mini black holes which fly on the orbit like a others physical objects and attract everything around, including bullets and rockets. It probably will be created randomly around the system or created with some kind of “singularity generator”. 


Another changes in the ship management. Now you need connect engines to the fuel tanks manually. These RCS engines requires hydrogen, so they will works if connected tanks contains hydrogen (but it can contain something another). 


Power will be transmitted in a similar way. 

New interesting news will coming soon.