Hello dear followers! 
We are here, we have not disappeared and development progress now in full swing. 


First of all, we want to apologize for the fact that game still not released. 
We have been busy on a bureaucracy issues. Actually, seems like the bureaucracy is the most complicated part in the game development. ) 


Fortunately, seems like we almost done with it. At least, we are figured out with most issues and now we need to wait until we get all required documents from tax inspection. they should give the paper on October 17, plus some time to making deal with Steam, so… Seems like game will be released somewhere in the end of the October. 

We too very want to release the game. But this paper stuff should be done. And it’s pretty unpredictable. 


Meanwhile! We continue to develop. To be honest, game still lacks some important features, so we will use this time to make it better. 

You are suggested many great ideas in the discussion thread and asked a lot of questions. Thanks for it. We will answer on them in the next couple of days. Now we will try to post new progress as often as possible to catch up. 


Now we’re working on radar system for better usability, weapons, damage system, random events like a meteorite shower. Various stuff in general. We will show and tell about these things in later posts. 

Stay in touch! )